Ford Distracts Media While He Trashes Ontario

On Friday, July 27th, Doug Ford personally surprised the entire province of Ontario with the sudden announcement that he and his PC government would be taking immediate steps to drastically reduce the Toronto City Council in size, less than three months before an election. Since Friday, the Ontario PCs have introduced legislative amendments to begin…

The Two Roads of the United Kingdom

With the Brexit referendum in 2016, the United Kingdom has changed. The prime minister David Cameron resigned immediately after the results of the vote, having the party choose Theresa May as his successor. She then held an early general election in the hopes of having more control for their exit from the European Union but…

An Open Letter to Andrew Scheer.

When a potential Prime Minister has a problem with upholding the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, all citizens have reason to be concerned.

Brexit: Shaken or Stirred?

“In response to Hammond’s actions, his approval rating has plummeted among other party members.”

The Aftermath: British Politics

With the dust of the snap election finally beginning to settle, and all the calamity that has transpired since that fateful day, I feel it is an adequate time to recap and consolidate some of the outcomes and events since, while providing an outlook for what it may mean for the country. As many of…